Reverse Logistics Process Review.

Manufacturers are making their return policies more restrictive.

Common changes include No Credit for:

  • ​Partials
  • Manufacturer original container with prescription label attached
  • Items not in original container
  • Items returned more than 12 months past expiration date

As a result, credit is not issued at current cost. After applying manufacturer policies, the typical expected return value ranges only from 60% to 85% of total returns. In order to ensure return credit is issued in a complete and timely manner, it is critical for the retailer to have reliable and efficient reverse logistics processes.

During our reverse logistics review process, we will complete a detailed review of the current process and procedures used for the following return types:

  • Outdated product returned to the 3rd party logistics provider
  • Returns to wholesalers
  • Product recalls

We will identify process gaps and provide recommendations for improvement to:

  • Improve return product flow and reduce in-transit inventory
  • Provide visibility and understanding of return and credit information and key metrics
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Improve the credit yield by reducing the rate of non-returnable returns
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